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Exquisite Wine Assortment

Exquisite Wine Assortment

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Indulge in a luxurious journey through Italy's renowned wine regions with our exquisite gift set. This curated collection features a diverse selection of premium Italian wines, each offering a unique and delightful taste experience. From the crisp Vermentino Terre Siciliane Igt to the bold and velvety Nero D'avola Sicilia Doc, and the smooth elegance of Cortese Piemonte Doc, every bottle in this set showcases the rich diversity and heritage of Italian winemaking.

Savor the robust flavors of Rosso Puglia Appassimento Igt 2022, the classic charm of Nebbiolo Langhe Doc, and the rich plum and chocolate notes of Primitivo Di Manduria Doc. Delight in the vibrant palate of Barbera D'asti Docg, the crisp and aromatic profile of White Garda Doc, and the deep, complex character of "Gold Label" Bonarda Dell'oltrepò Pavese Doc.

Experience the bold and velvety texture of Negroamaro Salento Igt, the earthy and herbal nuances of "Selvato" Rosso Toscana Igt, and the luxurious layers of flavor in "Exclusive Gold Label" Rosso Puglia Igt. This wine gift set is perfect for wine enthusiasts, special occasions, or as a memorable gift celebrating Italy's winemaking excellence.
The gift consists of:
• Vermentino Terre Siciliane Igt 0.75 L X 1
• Rosso Puglia Appassimento Igt 2022 0.75 L X 1
• Cortese Piemonte Doc 0.75 L X 1
• Nebbiolo Langhe Doc 0.75 L X 1
• Nero D'avola Sicilia Doc 0.75 L X 1
• Primitivo Di Manduria Doc 0.75 L X 1
• Barbera D'asti Docg 0.75 L X 1
• White Garda Doc 0.75 L X 1
• "Gold Label" Bonarda Dell'oltrepò Pavese Doc 0.75 L X 1
• Negroamaro Salento Igt 0.75 L X 1
• "Selvato" Rosso Toscana Igt 0.75 L X 1
• "Exclusive Gold Label" Rosso Puglia Igt 0.75 L X 1

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