Gift Basket and Hampers Delivery in Italy

Gift Basket and Hampers Delivery in Italy

Divine Italian Culinary Masterpieces

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Looking for the perfect gift that combines exquisite flavors and Italian tradition? Look no further! Our Divine Italian Culinary Masterpiece consists of a carefully curated selection of artisanal treats and premium delights that will tickle your taste buds and transport you to the heart of Italy.

Indulge in the decadent pleasure of our Carmignani Biscuits filled with rich Amari gianduia cream, a delight for lovers of fine chocolate. Sink your teeth into the Barbero sweet pistachio truffles, bursting with the natural sweetness of Sicilian pistachios. Taste the sublime Bonci hand-wrapped almond panettone, a true masterpiece of baking craftsmanship.

Explore the diverse flavors with the Domori chocolate-covered black cherries and the Neapolitan babΰ with lemon from Sal De Riso. Experience the magic of authentic Italian cuisine with the gemmato carnaroli rice from Acquerello, the Parmigiano Reggiano cream from La Dispensa di Amerigo, and the Modena white meat ragout from Mora Romagnola.

Enhance your pasta dishes with the Pici Toscani pasta, Antico Pastificio Morellis speciality. Discover the unique taste of Frantoio Bartolini Umbrian lentils, Cascina Pizzavacca giardiniera, and Sala Cereali bramata corn flour.

Lets not forget the finishing touches! Pour a drizzle of Tumai monocultivar-taggiasca extra virgin olive oil over your favorite dishes and celebrate with the classic method chardonnay sparkling wine Principessa from Luretta and the Langhe Nebbiolo DOC Barbaresco Producers.

To complete this remarkable gift, weve included an organic myrtle liqueur in an exquisite Itria bottle, providing a delightful ending to any occasion.

Treat yourself or surprise your loved ones with this exceptional gift that embodies the timeless essence of Italys culinary excellence.

The Hamper consists of:
• 1-Biscuits filled with Carmignani Amari gianduia cream 180 g
• 1-Pack of Barbero sweet pistachio truffles 140 g
• 1-Bonci hand-wrapped almond panettone 1,000 g
• 1-Pack of Domori chocolate-covered black cherries 150 g
• 1-Typical tart romagnola in jar weck Bustreng Luvirie 180 g
• 1-Neapolitan babΰ with lemon Sal De Riso 700 g
• 1-Can of gemmato carnaroli rice aged 7 years Acquerello 500 g
• 1-Jar of La Dispensa di Amerigo parmigiano Reggiano cream 90 g
• 1- Jar of Vincente sardine sauce 220 g
• 1-Pack of Pici Toscani pasta Antico Pastificio Morelli 500 g
• 1-Bag of Frantoio Bartolini Umbrian lentils 500 g
• 1-Jar of Modena white meat ragout and Mora Romagnola La Dispensa di Amerigo 200erra Viva del Tibg
• 1-Pack of penne lisce pasta Turanici Grains Line Mancini Pastificio Agricolo 500 g
• 1-Pack of Oliveri onion cream 100 g
• 1-Pack of Cascina Pizzavacca giardiniera 350 g
• 1-Pack of Bontΰ della Garfagnana Tuscan spelled 500 g
• 1-Bag of dried porcini mushrooms Sala Cereali 30 g
• 1-Pack of Sala Cereali bramata corn flour 500 g
• 1-Bottle of 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil Tumai monocultivar-taggiasca Anfosso 50 cl
• 1-Bottle of classic method chardonnay sparkling wine Principessa Luretta 75 cl
• 1-Bottle Langhe Nebbiolo DOC Barbaresco Producers 75 cl
• 1-Organic myrtle liqueur in Itria bottle 25 cl

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